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Just like us, cold weather is hard on our pets! A few tips to help you during this icy season!

• Booties are an easy way to keep their toes warm and prevent sand and salt from causing irritation.

- Not every breed is intended to withstand cold weather, therefore booties are an effective way to protect your canine’s paws because they offer warmth, full coverage, and are durable.

***To find your dog’s right size measure from the heel to the tip of the toenail.

• During the extreme cold, it’s best to keep walks short for your canine.

- Being out in the cold too long is dangerous and can lead to frostbite.

***Keep in mind, if it’s too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your dog too. If you do take your dog for a walk, you may want to consider putting them in a coat or jacket.

• Prep the paws. Clip long between the toes and foot pads

- This will prevent ice balls from building.

• After taking your dog out for a walk, make sure to wipe down their paws & stomach (for those shorter furry friends of ours) with a damp cloth or baby wipes.

• Minimize paw licking until their paws are completely clean.

- This will minimize risk for skin irritation and any damage caused by salt, ice, or other residue they may have stepped on during their stroll.

***If you have concerns with salt, consider dipping each paw in a bucket of lukewarm water and then towel drying.

• Don’t let dogs eat any of the salt or any of the snow (especially the slushy snow) outside that may have been treated with an ice melt.

- Ingesting ice melt can cause vomiting, tremors, seizures and ulceration of the mouth.

• After returning from walking on the snow or ice, rub some paw balm, like Biobalm, on your dog’s paw pads.

- This will minimize the dry skin and damage salt can cause.

*** Make sure to reapply the balm often. Having paw balm on hand is a good way to keep their paws soft and supple during the cold months.

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