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Cats and Humans

Nail Trims

Just like annual vaccines, nail trims are an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Regular nail trims help prevent common injuries such as torn toenails or ingrown nails as well as help reduce the risk of infection and bacteria getting in the nail beds. Fractured digits can also occur frequently, especially in rabbits with long toe nails. It is important to get your pet used to having their feet touched and nails trimmed as this will help keep their nail trim experience a more positive one. 



Unlike collars or identification tags, microchips provide a permanent means of identification for your pet by inserting a small chip under their skin. Microchips can be done at any time, however is most common at the time of your pets spay or neuter procedure as it is a larger needle that is more comfortable to do when they are sleeping. This small chip provides a tracking number unique to your pet so that if they ever get lost, their microchip can simply be scanned and they can be reunited with their family by the information linked to their microchip number.

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