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Behavioural Consults

Behavioural issues present in both our canine and feline companions which can make for a strained relationship with them.  Some of the problem behaviours seen can be minor and even go unnoticed, while others can be significant and impact our day-to-day life.  Dogs can become quite destructive when they are stressed, if they have anxiety or due to boredom.  They can bite strangers or even important members of our family that they do not bond with as much, which can cause a rush of emotions and an immediately need to rectify the situation.  Cats will typically show changes to litterbox habits to show their emotions which can destroy personal property.  Other cats may over groom themselves or even become aggressive to their owner’s or other pets in the household that they once loved.  It can be hard sometimes to know what is causing our pets to behave like this and in turn can be difficult to help them through this.  At Erindale Animal Hospital we can work with you and your situation to help find a solution.  We would take a detailed history and have you fill out a questionnaire to be sure we are understanding the entire situation.  Then offer a variety of options starting with diagnostic testing to be sure there is not a medical problem causing the behaviour change.  Once any health related issues have been ruled out or treated some training methods may be suggested, some lifestyle/household changes may need to take place and then the option for behaviour modification medications may be offered.  If you think your pet might be showing some changes in behaviour please contact us right away so that we can help your pet feel better sooner rather than later.

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