“After many challenging appointments, the team at Erindale Animal Hospital recommended Ted came in for Happy Visits. Ted has had to undergo a couple of surgeries with Vivienne and her team and has left the clinic depressed and not himself. The happy visits helped restore his trust, that not every vet visit means he is going to be poked or have surgery. The team is always excited to see Ted and gives him the attention he needs to be excited to come back into the clinic.” – Britney


“We would like to thank Dr. Jones and her team at Erindale Animal Hospital for making veterinary visits for our dog Loki something that he looks forward to rather than afraid of. After a bad experience at another clinic, Loki became quite skittish at the vet and afraid of the stethoscope and of being touched. Dr. Jones suggested that we bring Loki in for Happy Visits, where he would be shown that the clinic is a place for positive experiences. Over the course of two weeks, I brought Loki in for these visits, and the staff was amazing! They treated Loki with gentleness and provided him with lots of positive reinforcement (ie. treats!) and a chance to get over his fear of the stethoscope. At the end of these visits Loki allowed Dr. Jones to touch him and listen to his heart without any fear. We will continue to bring Loki by the clinic for more Happy Visits throughout the year, as it has really helped Loki be more comfortable visiting the vet. Thanks again to the amazing team at Erindale Animal Hospital.” – Anneka