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Low Stress Handling

FUN PUN: Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex? Because they were watch dogs.

Why It Is Important?

We strive to make your pet’s visit as positive as possible. So in addition to the low stress handling, we also have Feliway pheromone diffusers for cats and Adaptil pheromone diffusers for dogs located throughout the clinic. These natural pheromones help to keep your pet calm during their visit.  We also recommend having your pet come in a little hungry for their appointment so treats are EXTRA rewarding and enticing.  You can even bring in their favorite treats. Our goal is to keep your pet relaxed and happy during their visit, thus allowing us to provide a more thorough examination.  Please let us know of your pet’s special needs in advance of your appointment to help us make their visit more enjoyable.

Everything that we do from the start all the way to the end of your pet’s visit is designed to keep them calm. We may examine your pet on non-slip surfaces and will even examine them on the floor if necessary.  We also offer them delicious treats and canned food when vaccinating and micro chipping. We even recommend bringing your pet in for “happy visits” where there will be no poking and probing, just cuddles and treats from all of our staff.  This helps prevent your pet from thinking every visit to the vet is going to be a negative experience.

We also go out of our way to ensure that procedures during your pet’s visit are as low stress as possible.  This includes everything from using specific sized, very sharp needles in the exam rooms, to the way we collect samples in the treatment area.  We make every effort to use the least amount of restraint possible, while at the same time obtaining samples quickly and efficiently.  This means that we keep your pet in a comfortable position, or use sedation in very scared pets and for uncomfortable procedures, in order to obtain diagnostic samples with the least amount of “pokes” possible. Our goal is to obtain good quality samples necessary for accurate diagnoses while keeping things as low stress as possible.

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We do things a bit different, to help your pet feel more at ease while visiting the vet.

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Happy Visits

Does your pet feel anxious at the vet? It's OK they sometimes need time to feel safe in a new environment, we understand. That is why we offer Happy Visits, a complimentary support for your pet's specific needs. Our specially trained staff will create a specifically catered visit for your pet to adress the things they most feel nervous of when at the vet.We want them to feel safe and comfortable when they come in, to do this we will schedule a Happy visit that fits in your schedule. You will bring them by for a few quick 10 minute visits. Our staff will take them on a happy walk through the clinic, where they will be greeted by each one of our friendly staff members, given treats if that is OK with you, and given the support to explore the clinic at their pace. A happy visit lets us show them we are animal lovers who just want to help, not just there to perform exams and medical procedures on them.  Happy visits introduce the sounds, smells, sights, and sensations of being at the vet in a gradual introduction with positive encouragement. This will help you get your companion to the vet in a less stressful manner when they need to be. Happy visits are available for cats and dogs, and can be arranged through our ambassadors at reception.

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