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"The vets and staff at Erindale are absolutely incredible. They are kind, knowledgeable and prompt with their care. They understand your pet is your family and take all questions seriously. They have provided tremendous care for our little guy!"

- Jessica


"I have been taking my pet rabbits to Dr. Jones for over 10 years. She is always so caring and extremely knowledgeable. I always leave the clinic knowing I've given my pet the best care there is. Her staff are equally as wonderful!" - Angie

- Angie

" Excellent service. Kind and knowledgeable staff. Got my dog in quickly." - Claire

- Claire

" We had a great experience taking our new kitty to Erindale. The vet and her assistant were amazing. The only negative was that we had to wait about 20 minutes which isn't ideal with a nervous pet. Overall very happy!." - Kerry

- Kerry

" Phenomenal experience. I had no concerns leaving my cat's care in their hands, as they provide a safe environment. They not only aim to treat pets but also educate pet owners. They always follow up and offer support to answer questions and concerns."

- Undisclosed

" Amazing customer service. I trust the completely with the care of my cat snow. Thank you for all you do!!!"

- Undisclosed

"Overall experience was very positive."

- Malcolm

" Very kind, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I really love the fear free policy and the half hour appointments. Appointments don't feel rushed and I'm very happy and reassured that I've chosen a fantastic place for Holly to have her future check ups." - Sarah

- Sarah

"As a mother of an 18 year old cat in Stage 3 kidney failure, I am extremely protective of her and who handles her. The staff is very gentle with her and you can see they genuinely love her. She's a lot less stressed when she comes out of the clinic." - Karla

- Karla

"Dr. Jones and the other vets have been absolutely the best Halie could hope for. They have taken excellent care of her during emergencies and during our regular checkups. Halie is not terrified to go there, even if, she is very happy to leave." - Antonia

- Antonia

"I have never experienced such a comfort with bringing my dog to a vet. Everyone I spoke with was very calm, friendly, and knowledgeable!" - Alana

- Alana

"The staff took time to make Charlie comfortable even though he was stunningly nervous. The vet himself was excellent and Charlie was totally relaxed after the visit. We never once felt rushed and this really helped Charlie feel happy." - Katie

- Kate

"Always a great experience and I never feel like I pay to much being a single income dog mom of 2 things can get expensive sometimes and I never hesitate to bring my pets here such a great place!!!!!!!" - Alyson

- Alyson

"Upon arrival, the staff whisked me and my kitty away to a specific cat friendly room to wait in comfort. Dr Joanne Wiks is themes thorough, caring and knowledgeable veterinarian. She always gives an effective treatment plan. Highly recommend." - Iris

- Iris

"Dr Lee was very good and listened to my concerns. She kept me informed through the whole process."

- Leane

"The quality of service that our pets have received at Erindale Animal Hospital over the years is always delivered in an extremely professional, courteous and efficient manner, with a strong effort on minimizing the pets stress!" - Ken

- Ken

"Dr Wiks was very thorough and really took time to explain everything. We had a genuine feeling she really cared and was not rushing us at all. Staff is really friendly and caring as well." - Lawrence

- Lawrence

"I trust Erindale Animal Hospital." - Beatriz

- Beatriz

"Staff is knowledgeable and their love of animals is obvious. Suggestions and advice have been spot on." - Pauline

- Pauline

"As someone who's anxious about COVID-19, it was great that Erindale Animal Hospital had an outdoor drop off spot, where I could leave the kittens for pickup, while I waited nearby and could talk to the vet when they came to get them." - Ryan

- Ryan

"The EAH has always treated us and our pets with wonderful care and compassion. Even assisting us when our kitty went missing, through their social media. The vets are extremely knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend the EAH family of veterinary." - Corissa

- Corissa

"The staff and vets are super courteous and helpful.  If you have any questions they answer them and don't make you feel stupid when concerned or unsure about things." - Jennifer

- Jennifer

"Joanne and her staff are caring and very knowledgeable. Took excellent care of my dog and followed up to make sure he was doing better." - Judy

- Judy

"All the staff are there for the same reasons clients come in.  Animals are much more than pets."

- Cindy

"The vets and techs are always very affectionate towards my cat and always have time for extra questions and concerns. Care is very reasonable (I don't feel pushed into extras)." - Raea

- Raea

 "Which dog loves getting needles? Mine, because he knows he will gets lots of attention and treats for being a good boy!  The staff are fantastic with him! My only concern is sometimes I feel they jump to worse case scenario and I get freaked out" - Macy

- Macy

" I have worked with Dr. Jones for decades and her intelligence, open mindedness and quick learning has given my pets the best care possible." 

- Joe

" I like that Erindale can get me in when one of my cats suddenly gets sick - which is often the case because they have some health issues.  The staff listens when you tell them you have a potentially cranky cat and use techniques to avoid issues."

- Brenda

"Everyone at the clinic is fantastic and a joy to talk to!"- Andrew

- Andrew

"2 extremely dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable veterinarians, Dr. Wiks and Dr. Jones; I know both from CAH.  Maybe Viv will remember Winkye :) my pancreatitis kitty. She, like Joanne, always there for her patients, not just 8am - 5pm. Dedicated. - Melody

- Melody

"Dr. Vivienne Jones is the best vet we have ever had. She truly cares about our pet(s) in the past and now.  We feel confident with her care.  Vivienne is very knowledgeable and in this current case, prepared to refer to specialists when needed." - Fiona & Kelly

- Fiona and Kelly


"First of all - I love all the front office staff - they are always so friendly, smiley and chatty. They remember my name, which I really appreciate. All the vets that have seen my cats have all been great!" - Stephanie

- Stephanie

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